Holistic Mama Workshop (Free):

July 19th, 6 PM At The Hangout

I am excited to be bringing together a panel of inspiring woman to help talk about ways to make your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum the best.  Bring your questions, your pregnant buddy, a new parent and enjoy a relaxing workshop complete with free yoga and tea.  Stay up to date with info on my Instagram account. See you then!

Please RSVP on Facebook 

Prenatal Yoga Series – 6 Week Workshop:

Summer Series 7/22 – 8/26. $120 for series.

Fall Series starts 9/16 – 10/21. $120 for series.

Join me at Go Inward LB for this six week series designed to educate and support you on the natural journey of pregnancy. These yoga classes will dive beyond the asana practice and offer guidance and strength during pregnancy, labor, and birth. Relying on our own feminine intuition, we will honor our own beautiful unique paths as we move through breathe work, meditations, and hatha yoga to connect with our bodies and growing babies.  Each week will have a particular theme in which we discuss holistic opportunities to support ourselves during pregnancy.

This Prenatal Yoga Series is designed to help you discover and cultivate your tribe. At Go Inward, our classes are intimate – allowing you to cultivate a relationship with your baby and fellow mamas.  Space is limited! Classes run 9/16 to 10/21. $120 for series. Sign on at Go Inward LB.

Mama Night Out! Yoga and Wine:

July 26th, 6 PM At The Hangout

I am SO excited to be offering this special workshop series. This event is designed with a Mom in mind, but all women are welcome to come enjoy an hour of yoga followed by an hour of Rose wine tasting and mingling. $30 Pre-Registration is required. 21 and over. Register here.

Pelvic Floor Workshop:

August 5th, 2-4 PM at Harmony HB

Co-hosted with Dr. Carri Dominic of Recharge Therapy! Proper work of strengthening, stabilizing, stretching and softening the pelvic floor helps to create the correct foundation of each movement in the body. A strong pelvic floor helps keep the pelvic and abdominal organs healthy as we age. This course is important to all people, whether you’ve had a baby or not! Come learn how to do this in this dynamic workshop where yoga and physical therapy meet! $35 Pre-Registration required.

More info and Registration here.

Prenatal Partner + Massage Workshop:

Stay tuned – details coming soon. Sign up for newsletter to stay in the loop!

VBAC Support Group:

Join me monthly to gather and share in a VBAC support circle. This peer-to-peer group is a safe space to learn more about VBACs, share your fears, hear others stories, and share your own. Come find the cheer team that you want and need! 🙂 This meeting is held privately. Please contact me here for info. :*

Interested in another type of Workshop? Send me a message and share your inspiration.