Holistic Pregnancy Info Session:

October 3, 2017 6-7:30 PM at The Family Store FREE!

I am excited to be bringing together a panel of inspiring woman to help talk about ways to make your pregnancy the best. Find out about doulas, what is your pelvic floor, and how acupuncture can send you into labor (when you want)! Bring your questions, your pregnant buddy, and enjoy a relaxing info sess complete with free yoga and tea.  Stay up to date with info on my Instagram account. 🙂

Prenatal Workshop:

September 16, 2017 2-4 PM at Harmony HB $35/$45 **New Dates TBA

This workshop gives us two hours to dive into the joys of prenatal yoga. First half the workshop will be a rejuvenating yoga practice showing you safe alterations for all stages of pregnancy in yoga. The second half of the class will be chatting about the changes in your pregnant mama body The do’s and don’ts in your yoga practice, daily exercise to help with discomfort and allow you to enjoy the pregnancy. This includes special attention to our pelvic floor, how yoga can help during labor, and more. Come join us for a Saturday afternoon of self care, self discovery, and mama community bonding.

Prenatal Partner Workshop:

Stay tuned – details coming soon. Sign up for newsletter to stay in the loop!


Interested in another type of Workshop? Send me a message and share your inspiration.