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I am here ready to support you and your family through this magical time of pregnancy and birth. Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, allowing a doula at your side to help you hone your own natural wisdom and strength through this transformative time. Below, find helpful information on what a Doula can do for you and what services I can provide for your family.

What is a Birth Doula?

A Birth Doula is someone who supports you prenatally to help you learn tools, gather resources, write your birth plan, learn your options for birth and after, and  allow you to feel supported and prepared as you bring your child into this world. Our scope of practice is physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual support. We are on-call for you until you have your baby and support you give birth in the environment that works best for you. We are not medical professionals.

Working with Elizabeth

As your Birth Doula I bring my education and warm support to navigate the journey with you answering any questions you have.  My intention working with families is giving them the resources and tools to navigate pregnancy, birth, and after birth with as much ease and connection as possible.


We ideally meet 1-2 times before birth where we get to foster our relationship, and create a birth plan. We will also have one 30 minute prenatal yoga session, where I can provide you with customized positions to help alleviate pregnancy discomforts. In these meetings, I give you educated resources and support so you will feel prepared as you birth your child(s).


Once you are 38 weeks I am on call for you until birth. We labor together where I support you in many different ways including comfort measures  to make it a more easeful experience. Depending on what helps you relax, my scope includes things like emotional and physical support, massage, acupressure stimulation, essential oils, yoga positioning, education, personal experience, and more!

Postpartum (after birth)

After birth I come to your home for one home visit to help support you with breastfeeding, baby, and reflect on your birth.


I believe every family should have a well-supported birth experience! I have birth doula packages and postpartum packages. Please contact me for pricing.


When you hire me as your Postpartum Doula and Birth Doula, I offer a 25% discount on Postpartum Doula!


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